We specialize in making quality beverages and are Spanish leaders in the sale, distribution and export of beers, soft drinks, juices and wines.

The manufacture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products is our business. Since producing our first soft drink in 1961 in Spain, we have been marketing our products to consumers around the world. From then we have constantly expanded our range of drinks considerably and today have a product portfolio which includes, among others, non-alcoholic malt beverages, beers, fruit juices in different formats , energy drinks, soft drinks and wine. All this makes us one of Spain's leading independent suppliers of drinks.

The quality of our products, highly competitive prices and excellent customer service has over the years gained the trust of our customers. In each of our 5 production centers, which have a total annual packaging capacity of nearly 6 million hectoliters, we work constantly in order to adapt to the needs of consumer, allowing us today to export to more than 70 countries around the world.


We have been in the beverage business for over half a century.

Our customers are our motivation and it is they who have made us into one of the most prestigious Spanish manufacturing companies today, producers of soft drinks, beers, wines and juices.

In recent years, as a result of increased demand for store brands, the focus of our business has seen a major shift towards the production of private label brands, which today accounts for almost 30% of the total volume of our business.

At Proex Drinks Group, S.A. we respect the environment.

Our management policy ensures the environmental monitoring of our activities is exercised and encourages continuous improvement in all our processes.

We have sufficient technical resources and human sensitivity that guarantee good environmental practices, and our ISO 14001 certification, as well as the incorporation of Green Points on all our products, confirms our ecological commitment.

With almost 95% of our total production volume dedicated to exports, we are one of the most internationalized Spanish companies known today. We can guarantee that our products, our service and our ability to adapt to any market is more than demonstrated.

Our products are exported to over 70 countries across 5 continents, and are sold in supermarkets, bars and pubs, restaurants, hotels and hospitals.

We work directly with both importers and distributors

As a result of our large export sales volume we are able to obtain very competitive maritime freight prices.

We are fully aware that the sale of our products to an international market is also a commitment to supply up until the final destination. For this reason, our competent logistics department works daily in order to constantly improve the satisfaction of each and every one of our customers.

We have a high storage capacity and an integrated transport management system. Our commitment does not end until our customers receive their orders at the agreed delivery point.

With a specialized customer service department, we are able to provide detailed logistics information almost immediately regarding the location of your order.

At Proex Drinks Group, S.A, we recommend a responsible and moderate consumption of alcoholic products to ensure that they are fully enjoyed in a safe way.

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